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Land Use and Mobility Consultative Committee


Following a decision made by the municipal college, our municipality has set up a CCATM (land use and mobility consultative committee) which wishes to involve citizens in the decision-making process for projects affecting their living environment.

The CCATM is a consultative body authorized to give opinions in the context of specific regulatory procedures, and whose objective is to encourage wider involvement by the population in managing town planning projects. It is also there to monitor the development of ideas on land use and mobility.

It is made up of 12 members and 12 substitutes.
It is governed by Internal Regulations .
The first meeting was held on 22 September 2008.

Its main tasks are:
  • the Municipal Structure Plan (SSC), under development;
  • the Municipal Town Planning Regulations (RCU);
  • the Town Planning and Environmental Reports (RUE) in the context of the implementation of Concerted Municipal Development Areas (ZACC);
  • the revision or drawing up of Municipal Development Plans (PCA);
  • certain housing development permits (according to size, situation, etc.) ;
  • public or private projects subject to public inquiries...