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CHECKDOC / DOC STOP: it's started!

The double service CHECKDOC / DOC STOP was launched on 8 December. Its purpose: to fight more effectively against identity fraud.

A launch which was noticed

On 8 December, the new CHECKDOC/DOC STOP application was launched at a press conference attended by Minister of the Interior Patrick Dewael. Many journalists came to the Park Atrium. In addition, the conference was broadcast live on the Internet.

In his speech, the minister insisted on CHECKDOC/DOC STOP's objective: to fight against the fraudulent use of identity documents. He also recalled the different measures that the Home Affairs FPS has already taken on this. After the minister's speech, there was a demonstration of the application.

CHECKDOC / DOC STOP: What is it?


1. for professionals  is a website which allows anyone to check, anywhere in the world, that a Belgian identity document presented during a transaction has been properly issued and is not known to be lost, stolen, expired or invalid.

The typical user is a car hire company, bank or credit institution, hotel, lawyer, shopkeeper, etc.  is a search engine which carries out a search of the national register and the passport database using the identification number of the document presented. In just a few seconds, the user receives a response in the form HIT or NO HIT. ‘HIT’ means that there is an alert (theft, loss, expiry) linked to the document in question. ‘NO HIT’ means that there is no alert. The user can then make a decision on the transaction with greater security. Note that the nature of the alert (loss, theft, expiry, etc.) is never given in Checkdoc.

Practical example:

Mr Dupont loses his identity card in the underground. Mr Durand finds it and goes with this card to a bank to ask for a loan. The bank loan manager connects to   and enters the identification number of the document in question. As Mr Dupont immediately phoned DOC STOP, Checkdoc's response is a "HIT". The banker decides not to give Mr Durand a loan. The federal police is informed and an investigation might start into this attempted swindle.

2. DOC STOP: for individuals
DOC STOP is a help desk which allows any owner of a Belgian identity document to report the loss or theft of his identity or travel documents 24 hours a day by calling the free phone number 00800 2123 2123 (if this number is not accessible, you can call +32 2 518 2123).

After establishing the identity of the caller, to check that they are really the document owner, the operator immediately issues a temporary stop on the documents. From that moment, any check on will give rise to a "HIT" without waiting for the owner to request a new identity document. In this way the citizen avoids being the victim of the fraudulent use of his identity document (for example: car being hired, delivery of a mail order purchase in his name, loan being taken out in his name, etc.)

Checkdoc has been developed by the Home Affairs FPS, the Foreign Affairs FPS, the Overseas Trade and Development Cooperation Departments and the Federal Police.

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