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Home Franchimontois



Home Franchimontois



Rue Hovémont, 110
4910 Theux
tel +32 (0)87 / 54.18.33.


If, despite all the home services set up, it becomes necessary to go into a residential home, in Theux the Welfare Action Centre manages the "Home Franchimontois".

It was opened in 1968 and takes in anyone over 60 years old.

It has 25 "nursing and residential home" places and 22 "residential home" places.

It is located in the centre of the small town of Theux, close to public transport and shops, and surrounded by a lovely garden, and has a calm, family atmosphere:

  •  All the rooms are single rooms; you can arrange them as you want and will be given adapted furniture.
  • You will be able to install a TV, telephone, computer, etc. and you will be able to receive your family quite privately.
  • Your way of life and philosophical and religious opinions will be respected.
  • The care is provided by a multidisciplinary team including the general practitioner of your choice. You can contact the staff from all parts of the home day and night.
  • Meals are prepared on site and there is a restaurant open to everyone. The kitchen team respects prescribed diets and everybody's tastes.


  • Leisure activities are offered: themed outings and days, special meals, excursions, meetings with children and young people, shows, gymnastics, reading, cinema, etc. according to your wishes.
  • Your room is cleaned daily and the laundry is done within the home.
  • Our administrative services are at your disposal: Director, employees, nurses, cooks, physios, OTs, care assistants, activity leaders and cleaners put themselves and their skills at your disposal to provide respectful and quality support.

For all information:

Tel: +32 087 / 54.18.33