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La Compagnie des Archers


At the beginning, there was the famous Pageant in 1968. This adventure involved nearly the entire population of Theux and the surrounding area. Letting such a fascination for the culture and history of our fine region drop would have been a great shame. That is why the Chevalerie de l'Ordre du Chuffin was set up with, from the start, an archers section with a folklore aim.
Since that glorious period when the number of members fluctuated greatly according to the season, the company of archers has grown. It has been organised and currently has around ninety members. It is a member of the Belgian French-speaking archery league and practices shooting as a sport. Each year it organises several competitions including an internationally-renowned countryside shooting competition and it also organises beginners' shooting courses on demand.
But, as a section of the Chevalerie, the company keeps a cultural and historical spirit. It takes care to perpetuate the great traditions of the "Chevalerie de l'Arc" (Knights of the Bow) such as the feast of St Sebastian and the Tir du Roy. It also takes part in the Franchimont Fair each year as well as in other mediaeval events, putting on performances with period bows and costumes.


Chairman and Commander : Léon Lamarche

Rue du Laveu 94 - 4000 Liège




Public relations : Jean Delhez



Françoise Descamps



Secretary : Philippe Goffard

Rue Hautrou 10 - 4800 Verviers





Vice-President : Thierry Fluhr



Treasurer : Jean-Pierre Verwilghen

Rue des 600 Franchimontois 16 - 4910 Theux