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Les Chroniqueurs du Marquisat


This section began in 1969. It still brings together enthusiasts of the rich history of our old town of Theux and our old Franchimont Castle, the jewel of our heritage.
From the start, it was able to count on the skill of its first commander Fernand Braipson, a determined and passionate collector. He left us some remarkable documents and, on the basis of these precious writings, we have been able to put on many exhibitions throughout these years.
His successor Yves Delrée, the new commander of the Chroniqueurs, is continuing in the tradition and thanks to the dynamic team around him is continuing to sort through old books as well as put on other events relating to our municipality such as a "Méninges Trophy", visits to neighbouring towns, museums, exhibitions or putting on a rally allowing everyone to discover the most hidden and most picturesque corners of our lovely region. The Chroniqueurs have also published two illustrated volumes: "Promenade autour de la Fenêtre" (Walk around the Window) and "La petite histoire des anciennes demeures theutoises" (A little history of old Theux homes) and provide a monthly column in the newsletter "Le Pays de Franchimont".

Chairman (Commander): Yves DELRÉE
Rue Grand Vinâve 55, 4910 LA REID

Contact: Renée MELAIN
Rue Roi Chevalier, 4, 4910 THEUX
087/54 21 55 - aG91cHJhbGxlQGJhc2UuYmU=