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Hamlets and localities

Banoyard is crossed by a stream, the "Ru du Pouhon", flowing towards Winamplanche. A mineral spring called "Pouhon de Winamplanche" flows into it: it was analysed in 1881, but never exploited.
Bronromme was a centre of the regional Resistance. It was chosen as a base for parachuting in supplies to group 44 of the Secret Army. In the evening, the group would receive a parachute drop of men and equipment, after the BBC had broadcast the message, "The roe deer is a very fast animal, it will have two babies this evening". While the people were joyfully acclaiming their liberators, bloody fighting was taking place at Bronromme. The wind turbine dominating this summit was inaugurated in 2005. It is the result of the dogged work and passion of André Noirhomme.
Jehoster: Hautregard road: in the meadows on the outside of the bend, you can still see the remains of the old Austrian entrenchments from the Battle of Sprimont in 1798, called the Battle of La Hé des Gattes. Hautregard Château was first mentioned in 1575 when it belonged to Hermès de Presseux. It was the seat of a seigniory granted by Erard de la Marck to the family of Englebert de Presseux, governor of the Marquisate of Franchimont from 1506 to 1516. The Ferme de la Chapelle or Jehoster Château was built in 1660. During the 1940-45 war, the farm belonged to Rachel Bouffa who accommodated Jews threatened with deportation there. She was reported and arrested and deported to Ravensbrück where she died.

The Staneux Forest

Le Staneux Forest, known at the beginning of our era as "Astanetum", is the largest forest of the municipality. It contains conifers, but also plenty of broad-leafed trees, beeches and oaks. Amongst the "notable" trees, you can admire the Pointed Beech, a 25-metre-high giant, and the Virgin Mary's oak, with its small statue placed in 1864 by a Franchimontois in thanks for a grace received. This Virgin is still maintained by his descendants. The forest is the site of the legend of the Beast of the Staneux.