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Hodbomont's houses are spread out on terraces which used to be a lot less accessible thus forcing its residents to carry their food or other goods using "hottes" and "bots" (baskets carried on one's back), hence Hotte - bot – mont, according to the popular etymology.
Huddled at the bottom of a valley, Hodbomont has kept all its historical charm with its mill, ponds, old rural houses, château, château chapel and Ste Geneviève chapel.

The locality known as "Al Machine" was thus called because there used to be an iron ore mine there. The neighbouring meadows still bear the names "les minires" and "trawé terre". These mines were still flourishing around 1850, when a steam engine was installed, hence the name of the locality.
At the exit to the hamlet, in the direction of Mont, you can see the Ferme des Noyers, a farm built round a courtyard dating from 1674, near a hundred-year-old walnut tree. It was restored in 1970, following a fire.

The old Hodbomont mill in sandstone and limestone rubble, dates from the 19th century and has now been converted into a house. On the north side you can still see its wheel with vertical paddles, fixed to a shaft and in former days driven by the Wayot stream which, after the mill, flows over limestone and then seeps into the soil.