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Jevoumont 1.jpg

Stretched out along the ridge of a hill, this homogeneous set of farms and houses, mainly set at right angles to the line of the road, is punctuated in the east by the Château Nagelmackers from the first half of the 19th century and marked at the centre by the Ferme de la Dîme, built round a courtyard in the early 17th century.

2jevoumont dîme.JPG

The Ferme de la Dîme, an imposing fortified four-sided building from the very early 17th century, is located in the heart of Jevoumont hamlet at the edge of the road. Its buildings are arranged around an oblong courtyard on a slight slope which used to be entirely paved. To east and west are the tithe barns built to receive the forage which the peasants had to deliver as a tax first to the Abbot of Stavelot then to the Prince-Bishop of Liège. After being bought in 1611 by Nicolas de Limbourg, the property had its barns heightened and it was all converted in 1623 into a manor farm in the Liège Renaissance style. Today, it has kept its authenticity with its paved courtyard, towers, arrow slits, and tithe barns. Only the square tower in the south-east corner was demolished around 1950 to allow the road to be widened and ease the traffic flow. On the side facing the road, on the ground floor, a Romanesque-style crucifix was inserted in the rubble wall around 1920.

3château de l'Ourlaine.jpg

At the exit to the village, the Château de l'Ourlaine, built by the Grand Ry family, dominates the valley of the Ru de Targnon. You can also see the Ferme de la Haye, a fortified farm whose 17th-century buildings belonged to the family of the same name. At the moment, it's the provincial experimental farm. Continuing along the road, we find the animal park and the Forestia adventure trail. Here you can admire at your leisure all the fauna and flora of our region. A play area and cafeteria make up this pleasant tourist attraction.