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At the foot of the hill, stretched out along the Liège-Spa road which was completed in 1766, the hamlet is cut in two by a very busy main road. It is mainly made up of small farms along the street and set back from it, mainly from the 18th century, built of sandstone rubble.

The line is interrupted by minor roads leading to the surrounding countryside. This is the village, along with Becco, which still has the biggest concentration of agricultural activity. This is probably due to the quality of the land of this intermediate plateau often compared with the Condroz area. At the exit to the hamlet, in the direction of Sprimont, the famous "Mont-Theux" hill has caused more than one cyclist - amateur or professional - to suffer, with its slope of nearly 15%.


Not far from there is the Ferme de Wislez, another 17th-century fortified farm, which also has a round tower. From this point, visitors have a remarkable view over the Window or depression of Theux. Wislez is a very pretty hamlet known for its farm which was mentioned back in 1343 and for its pretty rural houses. The Ru de Wislez flows gently amid green meadows. Many walks pass through Wislez.