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Tancrémont Fort

Tancrémont Fort was opened on 8 August 1938 and is located on the border between Pepinster and Theux municipalities. It is the last of four new forts built which, with eight old forts rearmed and reinforced, formed the Fortified Position of Liège, better known as PFL1. The garrisons of these twelve forts belonged to the Regiment of the Fortresses. The central area covering 3.5 ha, which forms the fort as such, includes everything aimed at the exterior, whether by fire, or by sight. It is surrounded by a rectangular ditch 8 metres wide and 6 metres deep beyond which extends in all directions the open slope shaped to allow close and effective defence in the event of direct action against the fort. Tancrémont Fort was forced to lay down its arms the day after the surrender, that is to say on 29 May 1940! However, it was not without debate, as the German Lieutenant-General Spang had to give Captain A. Devos, the head of the battery, assurance on his honour as an officer, that King Leopold III had truly given the order to the entire Belgian army to stop fighting. Underground, the fort has no fewer than 2,000 metres of tunnels 20 to 28 metres below the surface, according to the natural contours. They lead to many places: the command and firing post, the engine room, the munitions depot, etc. as well as access to the fighting posts. There is also an underground barracks with dormitories, kitchen, hospital, etc.


Description of the Fort, tours and photo gallery