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Theux, land of welcome and tradition


Theux is a welcoming, rural municipality in Liège province, situated between Verviers and Spa. It is known for its historic struggles (battle of the 600 Franchimontois), its Perron (monument on stepped base) (pop-up), its mediaeval architectural heritage (Franchimont castle and church), and its picturesque villages such as Hodbomont, Jevoumont, Fays, Ronde Haie, Sassor, La Reid and Polleur to mention just a few... The former chief-district of the Marquisate of Franchimont, Theux offers many possibilities for walks where you can discover the valleys of the Hoëgne (pop-up) and the Wayai, the Charmille (hornbeam walk) of the Haut-Marais (pop-up) (573 m), the sources of the Ninglinspo, a unique Belgian stream, as well as the Forestia animal park in La Reid.

Finally, for those keen on history and legends great and small, a guided tour of Franchimont castle is a must.

On the heritage side, we can mention many other places: SS Hermès and Alexandre church (pop-up), the Place du Perron (pop-up) with the Town Hall and its listed buildings, within a protected ancient centre, the twisted spire (pop-up) and the old Polleur bridge (pop-up), the architectural heritage of the centre and the villages...

Built on a rocky spur, Franchimont castle, a mediaeval fortress listed as Walloon exceptional heritage, is waiting to take you on a historical adventure. It is the emblem of Theux and every other year hosts a mediaeval fair. Everything is reconstructed as it used to be to bring that setting back to life: costumes, texts, dance, music, decoration, etc. The Compagnons de Franchimont will be delighted to receive you and help you discover bastion, blockhouses, dungeons and legends...

With its wealth of walks, cycle rides and bridle paths, Theux offers close contact with the land and its craftsmen through its typical villages.

The La Reid animal park, in a preserved natural site, offers everyone the chance of discovering and observing the fauna of the North European plains and forests in its natural habitat.