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Compulsory schooling

Minors have compulsory schooling for a period of 12 years, starting with the school year which begins in the year when they are 6 and finishing at the end of the school year during which they are 18. When a pupil reaches his majority he is no longer subject to compulsory schooling from his 18th birthday.

The compulsory schooling period has two parts:

  • a period of full-time compulsory schooling until the age of 15, involving a maximum of 7 years of primary education and at least the first 2 years of full-time secondary education
  • a period of part-time compulsory schooling. This can involve continuing full-time secondary education or taking part-time education courses or a training course recognized as meeting the requirements of compulsory schooling.

Failure to comply with compulsory schooling can be punished in the courts.

A child can start nursery school as soon as he is 2 and a half years old.