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Education project for Theux municipal schools

The education project of Theux Municipality, the cradle of the rights of man and the citizen, is inspired by the Official Education Charter, that is to say it aims to educate and make accountable people who

- are tolerant and respect each person's distinctive features and choices;
- are open and willing to confront points of view without prejudice and with a constant concern for intellectual honesty;
- are open to change and to things being called into question;
- are capable of creating and innovating;
- have solid skills and the ability to continually bring them up-to-date;
- are devoted to peace, generosity, social justice and human dignity

for a society which is increasingly democratic and shows solidarity

- which aims to promote all its members and is enriched by differences;
- which defends freedom, favours initiative and develops a sense of responsibility;
- which watches over quality of life.

By respecting these values, Municipal Schools have been organised to train all future citizens.
They are democratic, in their conception and practice, attentive to each person's rights and duties, encouraging free development in a context of promoting self-esteem, tolerance and solidarity.

As a result, the municipal, fundamental, schools

- will participate, according to the recommendations of the Education and Training Council, in encouraging children to fulfil their potential ensuring better complementarity between their personal development, the right to a happy childhood and learning;
- will organise the building up of knowledge, expertise, inter-personal skills and personal development through teaching centred on children who learn, while respecting others.
- will aim to have the children participate in society, learning and exercising their citizenship, by encouraging their integration in society and developing in them attitudes and capacities, so that they can intervene from a very young age as active agents, can engage and take part in the development of the society in which they live.