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Online documents

Municipal administrative documents

 Thanks to the Internet and via the municipal website, you can use the electronic office ("e-Guichet" - "Online documents") 24 hours a day to request a whole series of official documents from your computer: population register & civil status certificates, extracts of police records etc., report a change of address, etc. Just register on the site using your card and a reader (at the moment the "online documents" and registration can be accessed even if you don't yet have an electronic card or reader - from 2010, the card and therefore the reader will be compulsory to use e-Guichet).

"Online" documents are issued and sent free of charge. They will be sent to the address at which you are registered on the population register within 3 to 4 working days. You can thus avoid queuing at the office, using your car and therefore polluting and you can personally save money and time! By using the electronic office, the cost of your new electronic card will soon be amortized!

In order to encourage the use of the many functions of the electronic identity card (pop-up), the municipal college has decided to organize a free distribution of card readers.

Connect to the portal

 In order to be able to access their citizen personal home page, make and follow up requests which require electronic office authentication, users must first authenticate themselves (= identify themselves = make a connection) in the portal. To do this, use the 'Connect' link at the bottom of the page (or 'Connect to the portal' at the top of this page). To do this you must use your eID card (if you registered in the portal with your eID card) or enter your User name and Password.

  To be able to connect, you must be known by the portal. The procedure for registering in the portal is described below.
  Connecting by using the eID card is only possible if you registered in the portal with your eID card.
  When you connect using the eID card, you will always be asked for your pin number.


 To be able to connect to the portal and access the history of your requests and make new requests which require authentication in the electronic office, you must first register in the portal. You only need to register once; you will not have to do it again the next time you visit the portal. To do this, just click on the "Register" link (which appears by default in the bottom left corner of the page).
You must enter a User name and a Password.  
Caution: you cannot use an existing User name. In addition, the Password must have at least 6 characters.
The registration procedure also allows you to use your eID card so that you can connect to e-Guichet with this eID card alone (without User name/Password) and fill in the fields in advance with the personal information on your eID card.
Caution: An eID card can be associated with only one user name.
All the values entered during the registration phase are sent to e-Guichet after the registration has been validated.
You can amend your details at any time on the "My parameters" page of the electronic office (e-Guichet). If you registered using the eID, the only way to update the different fields on the "My parameters" page is to use your eID again.

You cannot use the "My profile" tab of e-Guichet to modify your personal details.