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The electronic photo card for under-12s (Kids-ID)

The launch of the new electronic identity card for children under the age of 12 (Kids-ID) took place in Theux on Monday 20 April 2009.

Press release for the attention of parents of school children

The Kids-ID is an identity document for children under 12 years old. It replaces the old white card with photo which children need when they go abroad and is valid for travel in Europe and in some non-European countries. (Old cards which are still valid will remain so until their expiry date).
In addition, the card can also be used as a library card or swimming pool or sports club membership card; it can also be used when registering in a school.
As the kids-ID is derived from the eID (for over 12s), it is also an excellent resource for learning to make the most of the possibilities derived from use of the eID. The card also offers extra protection to children in emergencies: a single telephone number letting you automatically contact one of the child's relatives. Parents can give a list of up to seven telephone numbers, in order of priority, of people who can be contacted via the single number on the card (see the "Allo Parents" section).
You can consult and/or download the Kids-ID brochure here.

The price is fixed at 3 € (the same as for the current electronic identity card; this price is the price the municipality is charged by the Home Affairs FPS; the municipality does not charge any additional tax).

The card is valid for 3 years and the delivery period is the same as for the cards for over-12s, that is to say 3 - 6 weeks (CAUTION: the municipality is not responsible in any way for the delivery period). You must therefore take account of this period and apply for your card early enough to fit in with your travel plans. A good colour photo on a pale background is necessary (same standards as for adult cards - Take care with school photos which do not have a pale background: they will not be valid!).

To know whether the Kids-ID or a personal passport (*) is required for your destination country, we strongly advise you to check this on the Foreign Affairs FPS website, through your travel agent or by directly consulting the embassy or consulate for the country being visited:

 (*) see also the " Passports " and " Travelling abroad " sections of this website.