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Political life

The Mayor


Since the last council elections on 8 October 2006, the Mayor has been the candidate with the most preference votes on the largest list of those making up the council majority.


  • As the leading law enforcement authority in the municipality and the leading magistrate in his town, the Mayor is responsible for maintaining public order, safety and peace within his municipality and its population.
  • The Mayor is a representative of central government and is responsible for implementing the laws of higher powers (provincial, regional, federal, etc.); he also fulfils the role of Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths.
  • The Mayor chairs meetings of the College of Mayor and Aldermen and the municipal Council.
  • The Mayor signs council proceedings and official correspondence.

College of Mayor and Aldermen

The College includes the Mayor, the Aldermen and the Chairman of the Social Welfare Council.

It is responsible for implementing the Council resolutions but can only exercise its powers collegially (hence its name!).

It ensures the day-to-day running of the municipality through the administrative departments managed by the General Director.

It fulfils various roles expressly entrusted to it by the higher levels (for example, issuing building permits).

The College meets every Friday afternoon. Meetings are held behind closed doors and are chaired by the Mayor.

Municipal Council

The Municipal Council normally meets on the first Monday of each month in the Council Chamber at Rue de la Chaussée, 12, in Theux.

The agenda is put online a week before the meeting.

municipal Council meetings are held in public.

For more information, visit the Union des Villes et Communes.

Board of the Centre Public d'Action Sociale (C.P.A.S.) (Public Social Welfare Centre)

The centre is a public service managed by the Social Welfare Board. The Social Welfare Board members are elected by the Municipal Council. Their number depends on the number of inhabitants. The Theux Social Welfare Board has 9 members.

The Social Welfare Board elects one of its members as Chairman and forms a Permanent Committee which is responsible for dealing with current administrative matters.

The Social Welfare Board can also form special committees from its members. It can delegate well-defined powers. In Theux, there is a special social services committee which examines requests at least once every three weeks.

Social Welfare Board meetings are held on average once a month in the Board Room at the Home Franchimontois.